Meet The Owner- Don Seipel


My name is Don Seipel and I’m the owner of GET ORGANIZED. Since 1989, I have personally helped over 6,000 clients design their closets, pantries, garages, kids' closets and wine cellars. Clients have come to me for the last 18 years because they want to save time and reduce daily anxiety. Having installed over 20,000 closets, my ability to work personally with every customer to achieve space and time saving solutions results in 100% satisfaction.

I have also helped many corporations and medical institutions organize reception areas, equipment and record keeping areas as well as general office space. Once spaces are efficiently designed, various materials are used to realize organized space. I utilize solid wood, wood composition, metal and many finishes to get a pleasing look. Installation is completed by Ron Thaine who makes the design dream a reality. The result is a seamless process and quality installation that makes Get Organized Rochester's premier organizing service!

In addition to my organization service, I also own the largest organizational retail store in Eastview Mall with over 3,000 labor and time saving items available for sale. Our store has a big box feel yet we pay outstanding attention to every customer who visits our location. Visit with our in-store organizational expert Laurie Posadny — she's been helping our clients remove clutter and stress for over 18 years. All our custom closet clients enjoy 20% off any purchase in Get Organized for a full year following installation!

How much does a closet cost to organize?
In my experience, people over-estimate how much it costs to design and install a custom closet! A common misperception is that custom organization solutions are a luxury for the wealthy.
I offer custom closets for EVERYONE; the average 6-foot reach-in custom wood closet can cost as little as $600 installed! A ventilated free-slide wire closet can cost as little as $300 installed!

Every room in your house can be quickly and inexpensively organized to your lifestyle so you reduce tension in your daily life! Think about how much time you waste looking for: scissors, garden gloves, note paper, dress socks, special earrings, a favorite tie, screwdrivers, batteries, family games, and writing utensils.

Your stress free organizational solution is just a phone call away. CALL NOW FOR A FREE ESTIMATE! I look forward to working with you.

-Don Seipel, Owner